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Service Guaranteed

Comprehensive range of Building Inspection Services Provided

You can have confidence knowing that Paul has the hands on experience and knowledge in the building trade to deliver a professional property inspection.

In a complete inspection we will check all areas of construction on the site including; outside cladding systems, roofing systems, flashing details, inside rooms, attic spaces, garages, outbuildings and retaining walls.

Pre Purchase Property Inspection

Prepurchase inspection is a necessity, it's as simple as that, and we do a thorough job that you can be certain will give a true and fair appraisal of the current condition of a property you may wish to buy. We check building materials and construction techniques as well note the level of maintenance.

Pre Sale Property Inspection

Presale inspections are becoming more common, especially for owners who may not live at the property as well as those who need to know more about the current standard of their asset. A presale inspection can identify areas where maintenance done first can better the sale outcome. 

Post Event Inspection

After a large Weather Event, home owners are known to drive from as far as Auckland to check on their coastal properties. If you have a home in the area that you believe could have been affected we offer a cost effective inspection service.

Custom Inspections

Got a leak, not sure why the floor is springy, thinking of extending?  As a qualified builder we can advise you of the possibilities before you even start.

We are covered by PROFESSIONAL INDEMNITY insurance.