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Service Guaranteed

Non-invasive Moisture Testing

Moisture testing is carried out on all properties and around all exterior doors and windows, bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, laundries, decks and other potential areas at risk from water damage. High moisture readings in the property will be entered into a written report.  We uses the Trotec T660 (Dielectric) moisture meter, which has a material moisture measurement of up to 40mm.

Meth Testing

We follow the internationally recognised and New Zealand certified NIOSH 9111 compliant methamphetamine filed testing regimes.

Asbestos Testing

Prior to the 1980's Asbestos was used in some roofing and external cladding materials. We will check the types of product used on the building and test any fibrous materials identified for the presence of asbestos in its makeup.

Other Building Tests

From time to time we are asked to assist with other types of building testing e.g. environmental, structural.  As a qualified builder and tester we may be the local professional you require.